On the box it says it also supports MOBI. It runs for days, but I usually read each night for around an hour then let it sleep whilst I do. Quite an atypical resolution for eBook readers. I would advise anyone who plans to read a lot to invest in an ereader, I had owned 2 kindle and have been really happy with them. You have to hold the power button for up to 5 seconds before the screen powers up. If someone’s willing to test it on a new one with original firmware, I can send you the info to see if you can update to the V1. By default it will detect your reader in normal mode pink square.

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Press 8, 3, then 2, and done! It comes as no surprise that the screen isn’t as easy on the eyes as the E Ink of the Kogan. How can you know whether it might be broken if you do not try it.

I mivear confirmed with Dick Smith: Also for clarification, if you have the oldest model without DRM support I suspect it will say V1the official firmwares will only give you DRM features and no video playback. Unfortunately Aluratek did copy hardware from Ectaco and did not software.


Text was displayed without any space between paragraphs. Just make sure that you have Adobe Reader installed otherwise you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

All round an excellent little machine so far. I press to open and it just opens another dialogue folder.

Wouldn’t it be better to buy a colour tablet, or a dedicated e-ink reader? There are many sites where you can download e-books for free. IF it says they’re not the correct ones, you have the new revision hardware. If that doesn’t work, try this:.

MiGear E-Reader – 2

The update package is designed that way so you don’t flash ebolk wrong fw. Hopefully 2 will play nicer. Watch the video for 5 minutes.

It naturally will not handle HD at full speed it tends to stutter.

MiGEAR Model BSTE eBook Reader

A bit of effort to do all the time though. One file showed excess space between paragraphs, but the text was readable. In poor lighting, where the backlit screen is generally an advantage, screen glare makes reading the labels even more difficult.

Or… er… yes, use the Skytex firmware.

Change the Device ID section to the following: I’ve posted instructions further up the comments on how to get a newer version of the firmware for these. Not finding what you are looking for? Also it will read a wide variety of ebook formats. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! I get a fair few hours out of my OG Galaxy 7.


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I’d reserve this budget device for kids or people wanting to trial an ebook device to see if it suites them or not only! On startup, the user is presented with the Main menu:. I hope this helps. Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading The Pines Doncaster East had plenty of the purple ones left when I purchased the last black one. If yes- then open eBook reader app first, then find file and open it. If someone’s willing to test it on a new one with original firmware, I can send you the info to see if you can update to the V1.

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