Regardless, I will try the work-around solution on a 32bit system pretty soon. Lauri, Can you let me know if you’ve tested the work-around solution on a 64bit or 32bit OS? The issue always happens here. Not even a single crash was observed. There is a huge difference by doing this and doing a cold boot, directly into Ubuntu. I noticed that in gigabit seems to work, but it seems I did not test for enough time.

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Hence, the “if” condition fails and the body is not executed.

This can be done with something like:. When this happens, only a reboot would be able to fix it.

CONFIG_TIGON3: Broadcom Tigon3 support

Can you please confirm I should open it? I can run tests or gather more data, if it helps.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Event logged [ [ Lihux control is on for TX and on for RX tg3 If testing on your main install would be inconvenient, one may: Please test the latest v4.


Would it be just a duplicate? Thank you for your valuable finding.

Sebastian suggested the patch, and others helped a lot. None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Paulo On Jan 29, FTTH user here, no ethernet connection after highload speedtest or you tubelike others users i had to reboot.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_TIGON3: Broadcom Tigon3 support

I have posted my findings on the fog forums. It tg33 in when performing large backups to an external hard drive, and when copying large video files to a SD card attached with a USB adapter. Jorge Joaquim Gomes Kinux jorgej wrote on The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. I’ve compiled and tested the 4. This bug affects 15 people. Tested with Firefox and speedtest. Download full text I got a debug patch from the maintainers, but unfortunately I don’t have any experience in building the kernel.

Got nothing more than a big headache. See full activity log. Patch is not merged yet in the main linux branch, until and including 4.


tf3 Anyway, the unpatched kernel breaks very quickly, while the patched kernel you provided worked out very well. Daniel, the issue you are reporting is an upstream one. Wu wu wrote on It’s for mainly to solve the issue on jumbo frame. Linhx issue will still occur within the first few minutes after booting and I tested this out by pinging Google and other computers on the internal network.

Any chance there’s been any movement on this bug? It happened to me as well on Proliant gent 9 Ubuntu The bug report has been posted to the netdev mailing list: