None of the mail being returned to the utility companies and tenants required signature. What is the obligation to deliver packages? I have, I’m downtown. Tell everybody to start missing the toilet when they drop a deuce. April 22, at 9: The USPS is charged with being the guarantor that this need is fulfilled, and fails miserably at it.

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Now the cluster box went up and for 2 weeks no mail. What end up happening on your case? Delivery Hurdles Jul 23, Being the excitable dog that he is, she startled him and he grabbed at her pants.

Not sure why that’s such a fun thing for kids, but she makes it fun for all of them. The post office laziewt not deliver any mail to a rental house I own, which used to be my primary residence.

Nov 19, 9. I could have taken my mail to work but thought it would get out quicker. Also makes me wonder what actually counts as a ‘receptacle’. She opened a case regarding the phone off the hook, but have explained I’ve opened many cases and no one ever calls and the phone stays off the hook.


How do I report thus?? What exact services do policy makers and the American public both senders and receivers of the mail now need the Postal Service to provide?

Laziest Postal Driver Ever Drives Over Lawn Instead Of Walking On Sidewalk (VIDEO)

They say it was mailed to the address but since I live on the south upss it may have been mailed to the north side since there is a ‘new’ development. I have called multiple times and keep getting told that the clerk is checking with the carrier and I will get a call back yet I have not after 4 hours.

Close Menu Forums Recent Posts. I obtained a form from the DMV that stated my address. You can see what a game this has become for this particular driver. These knuckleheads do nothing and the inspector general doesn’t even investigate them. Our mailboxes are very clearly marked. All the counters were empty I worked at a different station as a Uxps then I do now.

Is everyone else’s USPS mail carrier lazy or is it just mine? : Charleston

Uspss years myself along with my neighbors have had to pay for a PO box. State judge sides with ex-workers, citing ‘intolerable’ work environmentPolitics and Other Controversies, 5 replies Green shoots!


It is slow, but that does work When I asked the Postmaster R. I hate usps package delivery. I see the admin keeps replying, saying to contact this person or that. Monthly Archive December 4.

Postal Employees

Useless people and service. All of the mail returned has been sent first class mail and should have been placed in the mailbox as has always been done.

Well damn, my USPS people are usually on point. I am not a lawyer, but this is what I would do.

The Postal Service and Its Obligation | USPS Office of Inspector General

If I don’t get my mail every day, I get a note saying, “you need to ueps out your mailbox – this is not a storage facility! I have a question, if my mailbox is blocked can the letter carrier skip it and if so how many times in a row?

Those are the people who ruin everything.

I would still continue to fill out ‘s.