Sender of private mail Thank you for the post. French horn system http: Putting the coated Ti dia into the body would also work well and would be the equivalent of the used in the K2 BTW How did you mount the 2″ exit on your 1. That is not good. JBL mid-range driver. Since JBL is very much not know I did some searching and reading what people say about it online.

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Anybody have any info on these drivers? As an interim measure I replaced the dias with SL dias and was totally bowled over by the detail retrieval and smoothness of the sound.

Jbl h – Jbl High efficiency for sale on Hi-Fi Di

That is not good. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Am I reading this properly?? There great for a baseball stadium but not for home musicle use. He has the be drivers for sale right now at a very reasonable price.

Any result of your experiments? He found that ,id-range driver had a lot of typical titanium coloration and strong lock of colors in lower MF range. The driver has very low depth, which will be excellent for my Macondo frame.


I found them somewhat coarse above 3kHz,somewhat smeared and lacking in detail. As my Goto drivers are quite a bit more expensive than any of the above,I am not too worried about the cost differential between them. As the result the lower knee of the Fundamental Channel will be contributively more produce by the efforts of the driver instead of the efforts of horn equalization.

I recently pulled my JBL s from storage and installed them in place of the Goto. Still, I got the JBL and I will be playing with it, with a naked driver and in various horns I have, probably driving it from my full-range Melquiades.

Cogent would cover the range but they are too soft sounding for my taste and they are physically too long. The JBL 2″ X series are unusable as they have too soft diaphragms. There is also some contact information on line: Yes indeed Monsieur Rame.

Pair of JBL 2490H 200 Watt 8 Ohm Midrange Compression Drivers

Originally Posted by mafuta. Posted September 16, I would call it expensive.

All I could get from the Consumer distributors was a very curt “No”. However these are virtually unobtainable now and soundwise totally unknown to me.


Webber in forum Lansing Product Technical Help. There is not a lot of there.

Of course it doesn’t mean they sound the same,but I would have known what to expect. L80T low and mid driver gasket! I have had an Iwata horn with a 1. There are not a lot of suitable drivers around. Even showing them Mr Timbers’ post on this forum helped nothing. Problem is that I have become increasingly frustrated with the idiosyncrasies of the Goto mid driver and want to replace it with something less fragile. I really wanted to get the JBL Be but all attempts by my local Pro dealer have been unsuccessful.

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Also is that a Machine hat chamfers the edges of CD’s in one jbll your pics? I am now looking for a new driver to use with the 1. Since JBL is very much not know I did some searching and reading what people say about it online. I do not believe I ever claimed originality.