These early ScrollPoints were mistakenly reported to use pressure pads instead of the resistance measuring mechanism as found on the TrackPoint. I have the ibm optical mouse with the blue wheel and at least twice a week on booting up the computer i cant move the curser, i usuall just move my desk and unplug and replug it back in to the ps2 port.. The next important thing is that the Slate Blue ScrollPoints do have a slightly slower cursor seems to be firmware-related BUT they are able to work with transparent surfaces glass, clear plastic, etc. The research document can be read here:. Is there some special way to installing USB mouses i don’t know?

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The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. The client driver has no knowledge mouwe the underlying USB adapter hardware.

USB Mouse Client Device Driver

Let windows detect, and setup the USB mouse. Input events from all the devices are sent to a single input ring. I have been using the same mouse both at home and work and the problems have seems to have started at the same time. After in extensive use the microswitch will cut the plastic of either left or right clickable buttons and the thumb button if you use that frequently.

USB mouse problems Hi John 1. Enthusiast of springs which buckle noisily: An item that has been used previously. However, this problem surfaced only a few weeks back.


USB mouse problems

However, if I found myself with a bunch of free potentially valuable objects, I’d exploit that Ibk not sure what existing IC is in use by the ScrollPoints or other optical mice which use similar indiscreet sensors.

Ensure this works, then power off the system. The ScrollPoint pointing stick is ideal for both horizontal and vertical scrolling, unlike standard wheel mice. These mice came in two colours, black and ivory: See full item description.

USB Mouse Client Device Driver

I have the ibm optical mouse with the mosue wheel and at least twice a week on mohse up the computer i cant move the curser, i usuall just move my desk and unplug and replug it back in to the ps2 port. Some minor changes need to be done, either the tabs on the muse base or the older silver top need to be cut.

Speed is controlled based on the pressure applied for continuous-dynamic scrolling; this reduces the strain on the finger caused by standard scroll wheels and also allows the user to adjust the speed on a variable basis not fixed to a set interval at any given time.

USB should be “hot swappable”, meaning just plug it in and go. When I boot up with the mouse using USB the cursor just sits there and i can’t move it, i can’t even right click on the desktop, so i figure its got to be somtin with my drivers.

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However, the stark blue doesn’t quite match the translucent “IBM blue” ScrollPoint cap which is mouwe close to lavender. Finding ScrollPoints in new condition is more uncommon, but not impossible.


I had this problems across 2 systems. From what I can gather the slate blue ScrollPoints came out first and the metallic black ones came out after with some changes. These are probably the harder ScrollPoint Pros to find, but also some of the least desirable due to their DPI ball mechanism.

Vintage IBM Scroll Optical Mouse Model Mo27fo

Add to watch list Add to wish list. All proprietary software is property of IBM. Darned good sniper, too, the biatch! A few reasons may be that 1 most people don’t like change, 2 the ScrollPoint performs too fast without drivers, 3 IBM didn’t push marketing or continue to really develop the product into the mainstream. Is there some special way to installing USB mouses i don’t know? That’s very interesting as even some laser mice I tested could not work very well on transparent surfaces; dispelling the whole optical vs.

Some of the earlier ScrollPoint Pros suffer from misaligned buttons at the assembly process which results in a click response that isn’t as crisp and slightly spongy.

The colour is actually very subtle, but the metallic black really has an edge with the glitter in the injection plastic. By the way I mouee have much luck with the Mouse Suite software for the scrollpoint mice I have.