Other restrictions may apply. The XIV line of storage products continues to provide the same great ease-of-management and reliability. IBM is your one-stop shop for IT support needs. Activation useable capacity varies with the number of modules in the configuration. This feature is mandatory for all orders for China, it can be ordered in other countries by selecting feature Launch interactive demo Contact us for pricing. The unique XIV architecture supports the use of high-density drives even for high-performance enterprise environments.

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Designated SSD drives on each module are intended to be up to 0. High reliability and availability through hardware redundancy, rapid rebuild times, automatic self-healing, and preemptive, proactive support services.

For additional information on the CRU Service, see the warranty information. With SSD read caching, the Gen3 with software version Physical capacity, disk drives, processor memory, and host adapter values represent the maximum configuration. This feature can only be ordered with feature It has additional bracing and floor mounting methods to help resist damage in earthquake prone environments.

On initial and MES order, can only be paired with feature or feature ; feature or feature is a co-requisite. Prevent any host restart after the installation. The system can self-optimize automatically upon changes in the hardware configuration, such as the addition of modules or replacement of modules upon failure.


My Systems provides valuable reports of installed hardware and software using information winvows from the systems by Electronic Service Agent.

IBM XIV Storage System

Feature requires quantity one of line cord feature This feature is not visible for selection in e-config unless wineows by the OM team. This feature is mandatory for all orders for China, it can be ordered in other countries by selecting feature Now implemented through the IBM storage portfolio, the interface is able to automate many tasks, consolidate management of multiple XIV systems, and deliver a rich and comprehensive command-line interface for tailoring the system to user requirements.

See the entire user prompt during wlndows installation. Activation useable capacity varies with the number of modules in the configuration. IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the windowws.

The exceptional speed results from performing the rebuild using all disks in the system simultaneously and rebuilding the written data only. Contact your IBM representative to obtain additional information regarding CoD offering contracts, terms and conditions.

Family 2810+03 IBM XIV Storage System (M/T 2810) Model 214

The My Systems and Premium Search functions make it even easier for Electronic Service Agent tool-enabled customers 2810siv track system inventory and find pertinent fixes. IBM Redbooks Complimentary, step-by-step guides for download and mobile.

All x features require the ATS feature The maximum order quantity for this feature is one, and this feature is for 2810xv plant order only. On initial and MES order, feature can only be paired with feature or ; feature or is a co- requisite. XIV grid architecture also enables autonomous, and fast fault recovery.


XIV Storage System Model R3 * upto TB, SSD, up 15CPU, 1-year

A high-speed InfiniBand internal interconnect, load balancing, use of all system resources, innovative and massive caching, and CPU power combine to support high performance.

One on initial order; 99 for MES field orders. Now, XIV is able to offer even more capacity to support high-performance enterprise workloads.

Intermixing any of the following capacity point options in a single XIV Storage System frame is not allowed: XIV with 6 TB disk drives enables you to store 50 percent more data than 4 TB drives using the same space and power, delivering up to 12 percent lower price per TB and 33 percent lower power consumption per TB. This 2180xiv will increase windods machine installation time. Send an e-mail to storsvcs us.

Cannot be ordered with feature or feature If this feature has a Qty.