Other technical details such as technology of the vias or trace -width and -spacing will be specified by the designer. When you are looking for a waterblock for a particular graphics card, you need to know if you have a reference card or not. All posts in English. Of course, you should also think about the other water cooling components and the layout of the loop inside the case, because ultimately a complete water cooling system consists of more than just the graphics card. For possible parameters check the following tables. Skip to main content. On the other hand, if you put a watercooler on top of this card, then you can basically unleash the full potential of this card.

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Putting the results into perspective shows, that the R9 X with an aircooler is running really hot. There should be no throttling with either the CPU or the graphics card. For high-performance graphics cards full cover coolers are recommended in any case.

The first one only cools the GPU. Therefore, a distinction is made between waterblocks, which are intended for reference cards and blocks that fit on certain custom designs. In addition, it is more than three centimetres higher. The vias are placed directly into the yrafikkarte pads of the BGA.

Alphacool offers a system that is a mixture of full cover and GPU-only coolers. On the copper plate, there is a small block of POM acetalwhich is also connected to the cooling loop:.


For example, the power supply regulators and the capacitors are arranged differently. The waterblock must be tested as well: For the warranty issue, the removal of the original cooler is the relevant step. With this approach, you can practically exclude that you retrofit a defective card or use a damaged waterblock.

Reference- versus non-reference design graphics cards – hitzestau – Leben mit Technik

The same would also be true, if you install a different air cooler. The positioning of the elements on the PCB is not the same either: Diese Website benutzen Cookies. Graffikkarte layers Fan-Out with 1 track. Solder-stop SS clearance, circumferential.

Nvidia GTX Single PCB Grafikkarte im Kurztest | Review | Technic3D

Click the stars to rate this page. When new graphics card models are released, there is usually a certain time difference before waterblock manufacturers can deliver the right blocks. In the middle, there is the GPU. On the lower right, the waterblock and the EVGA card are superimposed.

Not every card manufacturer handles this the same way. Each pin is provided with a solder ball. If you want to employ a watercooling solution with your graphics card, there are basically two types of waterblock to choose from: Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed carefully.

If you want to overclock your system, you have a wider range at your disposal, because the cooling capacity of water is better ggafikkarte that of air. EVGA is known to provide the warranty even if the original cooler was dismantled, grafiikkarte can you can read on the FAQ support page. When you have purchased a suitable waterblock, we recommend the following procedure: Developing and producing different variants of a product is always an economic consideration for each manufacturer, because the product cycle of graphics cards is relatively short.


Reasonable publication, typically 8 times a year.

Reference- versus non-reference design graphics cards

Next, we will use a concrete example to show you what all this really means and how big the differences between a reference and non-reference card can be.

The issue of reference design is not relevant in this case, because the cooler only uses the four mounting points located around the GPU — similar to the CPU socket on the motherboard.

When you are looking for a waterblock for a particular graphics card, you need to know if you have a reference card or not. We sell solely to business customers and public institutions.