After a predetermined time-out 4 , a provisional acknowledgement packet 5 is produced based on the user transaction request already committed to the trusted cache The method may advantageously be used in small remote gaming facilities such as in island holiday resorts, in cruise ships and on-board international flights, for example. Cashless gaming apparatus and method. TK is the smallest and highly reliable printer available. This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available. The barcode reader may then read the barcode printed on the acknowledgment and the STB , , may then cause the ticket printer to print out a confirmed acknowledgment An embedded true RNG based on diode noise, for example, enables systematic use of the highest encryption strength for the encryption algorithms and key length allowed by government.

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The sensitive information may be encrypted using for example the provider’s public key that is automatically made available together with the rich content describing the product or service, thus avoiding the unnecessary overhead of establishing a pginter SSL Secure Socket Layer or TLS Transport Layer Security session.

Methods for avoiding or reducing reliance on the need to use a physical payment instrument in substitution for cash for wagering on gaming terminals.

With the method, the player uses a secure cashless payment instrument that does not require presentation of the payment instrument through an automatic reader fitted printsr a gaming terminal.

Prknter fact that the player must present him or herself in person at a monitored location is primter to deter malicious people from repeatedly attempting to cheat the system. Means to tjcket a detailed ticket with machine-readable code as well as means to scan and decode the printed code are very desirable features to integrate on the STB, Diagram is identical to diagram in FIG.

In addition, in order to provide a trusted platform for secure e-commerce transactions, the STB, may feature a trusted cache memory together with its associated execution protocol to automatically recover from a temporary failure and a hardware random number generator RNG for generating true random numbers for maximum entropy encryption keys. Assuming a successful recovery cycle following a temporary failure whereby the STB, is successfully tic,et, the STB, may execute the steps S -S shown in the flowchart of FIG.

TK TK is the smallest and highly reliable printer available. This totally medium-free cashless method may be popular on board cruise ship, whereby during his several days journey a player may play at any time on any gaming machine on board the ship without having to carry cash or a ticket, especially in places in which carrying a ticket is ticcket or prone to stealing such as at the swimming pool or at the gym.


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The STB operates equally well on robust private networks as on unpredictable Internet or wireless networks, and avoids upsetting users who would otherwise have to wait in front of a display screen for confirmation of completion of the transaction after a temporary communication failure with the central site. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a set top box may include a processor for controlling the set top box; a video decoder controlled by the processor, the video decoder providing a decoded video signal; a graphics interface coupled to the video decoder to output the decoded video signal to at least one display; a network interface to access a computer network; a user interface enabling user interaction with the processor and initiation of a transaction with a remote server coupled to the computer network, and a non-volatile cache memory controlled by the processor and configured to selectively store a context of the transaction to enable a recovery of the transaction after an interruption thereof.

In addition, network-connected stations equipped with a barcode reader capable of automatically reading a code printed on a cashless ticket and communicating with the controlling central database may be placed in areas monitored by authorized personnel.

According to another embodiment, whenever the gaming terminal is equipped with a low cost ticket printer orinter as found at supermarket cash registers, a cash-out ticket may be printed upon pressing the cash-out button or upon winning the jackpot. Method and apparatus for expiration of prepaid slot machine plays. The prinrer of claim 8, further comprising the step of re-sending the copy of the user transaction stored in the non-volatile memory to the remote server upon failure to receive ticekt confirmed acknowledgment from the remote server.

Therefore, when printet player presents a suspicious or a very large sum winning ticket for redemption, the cashier after entering the identification code printed on the ticket by scanning the barcode printed on the ticket simply keys-in the security number or one of the security numbers available on the back of the ticket, which security number is immediately processed at the central database.

Efficient request-reply protocol for a client-server model.

As the cost of LCD monitors is rapidly decreasing and as the LCD the monitor may be located a maximum of about 10 meters from the graphics interface, the STB, according to the present invention may advantageously include a multi-headed graphics interface together with a keyboard and mouse interface, or alternatively a touch screen with stylus capability, for example.

The machine-readable pringer may include a barcode and the reader may include a barcode reader. Step calls for the cashier to remit a printed ticket similar to that shown in FIG.

If forgery is suspected or established atthe case may be transferred to the game regulator representative, the ticket is cancelled at and the central server and databaseis updated accordingly. If the second timeout has not lapsed as shown at, then the first timeout is checked. Preferably, the security number may be printed in red such that it does not interfere with barcode scanning, as laser and CCD barcode readers are blind to the color red.



Such heavily featured STBs are highly desirable for most TV viewers who do not want to be confronted with the usual headaches prjnter setting up and upgrading the hardware and software of a typical personal computer, as well as for hotels and motels who need to attract the new generation of customers accustomed to Internet everywhere.

Depending on the time taken by the remote server to complete the transaction, the confirmed acknowledgment may already be available in the trusted cache A conventional set-top box is printrr device that enhances the viewer’s TV experience by incorporating therein some of the functionality of computers, by enabling the TV to become a user interface to the Internet and by enabling prjnter TV to receive and decode digital television broadcasts.

As called for by stepthe player goes to the cashier where the reason for the timeout may be resolved, as shown at In that case, the user need only present the previously received provisional acknowledgment to barcode reader of the kioskof the present invention and the request 1 may be immediately responded to with the relevant data contained in the trusted cache 2and fyberview confirmed acknowledgment generated 3 and printed, displayed or otherwise made available to the user.

Cashless gaming apparatus and method. In order for a transaction session to complete successfully without involving the user, it is necessary tiket examine all the failure situations that may interfere with the completion of the transaction. A credit corresponding to the remitted cash is associated with the identification code in the database. The cost of acquiring many of these sophisticated control devices may, however, be prohibitive.

After a certain amount of time, the remote server completes the transaction 7 and may return a tickeh acknowledgment packet back through the network 8.

Select a valid country. Therefore, for additional security, the cashless payment instrument according to embodiments of the present invention may be assigned a predetermined short lifetime, as measured from the issuance of the cashless payment instrument to the player.