The default is localhost. The mapping representation is stored in XML files external to the driver. This value typically provides the maximum throughput. The default UserID for the Teradata database. The name of the Informix server as it appears in the sqlhosts file. AIGS rickp aigs.

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The database must exist, or the connection attempt will fail. Greenplum Wire Protocol To configure a connection, you might enter: Send to a friend. Full access to standard and custom objects 6. The Progress DataDirect Connect drivers are unique as they are the only drivers that use SQL to enable developers to access and move data between Java-based programs and salesforce.

Try DataDirect Drivers Now. If you do not specify a value, the default is the database defined by the system administrator for each user. The slesforce path environment variable is:.

Powerful Salesforce ODBC driver

When an application connects salexforce Salesforce through the driver, connectivity to Salesforce is real-time, out of the box. To configure a connection, salesforc might enter: If the load is successful, the test loading tool returns a success message along with the version string of the driver.


Type your logon ID for Salesforce. Isolation and Lock Levels Supported. The buffer size should only be large enough to accommodate the maximum amount of data retrieved; otherwise, performance will be reduced.

You must have all components of your database client software installed and connecting properly; otherwise, the driver will not operate correctly. For example, you can enter SSserver, This option is only valid for Oracle 11g R2 and higher databases and tells the driver which edition of the schema fof to use. To tune these drivers for performance, set the following options: SQL compliance, including cross join functional across all objects 4.

Security features set in your browser can prevent the Wizard from launching.

Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy. The name of the database to which you want to connect by default. Find us on youtube. The port number of conbect server listener. The following figure shows the different components of an environment that uses the Salesforce driver to access Salesforce.


The alias name cannot be more than eight characters long. The name of the Informix server as it appears in the sqlhosts file. Progress Software is the software industry’s only comprehensive provider of software for connecting the world’s most critical business applications fod data and services, running on any platform, using proven and emerging standards.

Connecting to a Database. If only a server name osbc specified with no instance name, the driver uses the default named instance on the server.

Quick Start: DataDirect Connect Series for ODBC on UNIX

The values for the options are samples and are not necessarily the ones you odgc use. If your application retrieves images, pictures, long text, or long binary data larger than 1 MB.

For example, you can enter Refer to Quick Start: Configuring and Connecting to Data Sources. Read time 2min 50sec.