To arrange a return, just contact our customer service department on or email us at support juno. Seems to work well, has fairly high latency. The ART was the least expensive. Sie auf Seite 4. I suspect the digital artifact is caused by a poorly shielded microprocessor inside the unit. With the USB Dual Pre, your laptop, and a pair of quality condenser microphones you can do some serious remote recording.

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Digital Interfaces / Mixers

Previous topic Next topic. Once the file is then manually loaded via the dialog, the permissions will be properly set for the next time the project is. It shows up as generic interface on PCs. It works fine in Linux for web audio streaming.

The ART was the least expensive. Each of the two low noise input channels has up to 48dB of clean gain. Connecting USB audio sources. Rated 5 out of 5 by Dave the radar guy in the church balcony from Works as expected I’m powering it from USB, and have the gains set to 0dB since I’m digitizing a line-level input.


My brother just bought that same thing and I set it up for him. Sat Oct 27, 9: Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist.

ARTcessories USB Dual Pre Portable Preamplifier/Computer Interface

Will include instructions on how to connect the link cable so that you can power. I’ve forgotten my password. I read Dual Pre’s manual.

USB input and a new motorised door mechanism. I’m very humbled that people are actually taking the time to look up web pages, etc. I’m just bored of writing “its music, just listen and trust your judgement”. However going from 44db to 48 db, the amplifier noise became apparent. Fri Apr 15, 6: I replaced it with a Rolls MP13 which seems to be completely analog, so dkal digital noise.

I have used it very little, it is pretty much like new. Now, I plug it into this little guy and listen through headphones.

USB Dual Pre Project Series – Two Ch USB Pre – ART Pro Audio

Why do I need to login to see hsb item? I’m currently at work sitting in a cubicle eating a chicken mango soft shelled taco. I often have to play entrance music requested by the PM or speakers. The compact black anodized all aluminum case with rubber sides makes for a rugged design.


It also includes an AC power supply which is not included when you buy it.

Actually, it all started going right in once the three chord thrash was dispensed with and everyone could get on with actually thinking again – then we skipped 12 years and: Artcessories ended up removing the plastic feet, and using industrial grade velcro between the preamp and a cheap baseplate for 15mm rod rigs.

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Page 1 of 2. The 2 input channels can accept either a microphone or line input and provide up to 48dB of gain. I was surprised that it didn’t come with a driver and relied on windows drivers. The USB interface is.

I suspect the digital artifact is caused by a poorly shielded microprocessor inside the unit.