Speed up indexed file performance when opening files for input. Problem getting error “LNK Cannot communicate with Licensing Daemon. Display a Combobox control as read-only on Windows Form. To quote a phrase, “There are no user serviceable part inside.

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Please don’t worry about the DLL’s. Use the Data Client one instead.

Error opening installation log file when attempting to uninstall an application. A static file cannot reference instance items occurs on file xobol in an ASP. Behaviour of the IF statement on non initialized numeric data.

Relativity and ODBC connections

Problem with Windows Forms application not scaling properly osbc displayed on different screen resolutions. For installation instructions, refer to the Server Express product documentation. When building a Cobol program using Net Express 5. Unable to determine the status of the product license: How to exit from a Login Form in a Windows Forms application without closing the application. How to microofcus the Enter key as Tab in a Windows Forms application.


Relativity and ODBC connections New to Relativity and not finding documentation on all the various dll files and drivers.

Missing Required Termcap Function cm in entry for dumb. Stack Overflow Error in native Cobol. How to force the cursor to the first position in a MaskedTextbox control when user clicks mouse in field. Here is the error. Is that correct and what about the other drivers?

Accessing ODBC Databases from Micro Focus COBOL by using the Server Express OpenESQL Interface

NET Web application strange compile errors occur. I certainly hope you aren’t planning on installing the DLLs yourself. Error Failed to write the updated manifest to the resource of file.

How to set the first program to run or debug in a Visual COBOL project containing multiple source files that compile to single executable target. Resolving problems with sqlcode using SQL Server. Variable to fixed length file conversion. The only Release Notes I have are in regard to installing Designer so the references to the other drivers is not there.


Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. NET managed code application to find called assemblies in locations other than the applications current folder. What are pre-authorised licenses? Share History More Cancel. Log file by simplifying the content.

Visual Studio compatibility issues after installation. Problem with signed zero in an unsigned packed decimal field causes the zero condition check to fail. Getting RTS error when calling native.

Accessing ODBC Databases from Micro Focus COBOL by using the Server Express OpenESQL Interface

This group requires membership for participation – click to join. What are you trying to accomplish? It has the ability to modify a Relativity catalog after installation at the End User site.