There are many posts on this topic. Not sure as to witch one to use, have a look in the foldes and see it there is a read me file or a text file. Hi, I am using Ubuntu 8. I think I paid I understand this is a spare time occupation, but is there a way to combine the efforts of people examining the issues? Would it help to buy a powered hub? Last edited by M33P on Sat Mar 09, 6:

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USB->Serial cable Linux compatibility

Currently I believe that it takes of the order of 20us to process the NAKs so if one occurs every 16us then it really would look like it was completely locked up New USB device strings: I did NOT have to install any driver. Is it a good idea to change the USB speed inside of my program, then reverting it after communicating with the alarm? I hope this helps.

I assume if you have an interrupt, and you don’t do anything to handle it, it will generate the interrupt again right after you jump out of the interrupt handler. It still locks up with a clean install onto a new SD card. It’s only a data link. It also seems that connecting and using an usb2serial adapter to the Pi makes the number of interrupts dramatically increase again.


I have installed gtkterm thanks rhubarb and the GUCA is working fine.

IOGEAR USB to Serial Adapter Db9 GUC232A

New to Ham Radio? Not sure as to witch one to use, have a look in the foldes and see it there is a read me file or a text file. My unit runs fine at MHz. As I said it does what it is supposed to do. Would that mean that the issues would appear less frequent on an overclocked Pi?

Like the usb2serial dongles It’s not a solution, but it could be a workaround untill a better solution is found. I control the software remotely from my PC via guc322a.

I wonder how an usb client knows if the host is a high speed or full speed device. I am unsure if this is described in the broadcom soc datasheet.

I don’t rate it perfect because it is only a low-power version of a conventional serial port. I downloaded a file from the vendor. Bus Device Maybe it’s a hardware problem and the status register isn’t properly showing what caused the interrupt, so that the driver doesn’t know how to handle it. It is a much lesser form of breakage, though I suspect it is along the yuc232a lines as the complete hang. Just in case that somebody still hasn’t tried libux Regards. A single-transistor optoisolator will NOT turn on well enough.


USB->Serial cable Linux compatibility – Ars Technica OpenForum

Initially this Pi was rock solid stable but after a few updates it became very unstable. You may see me on again later. Mgr after I access the file to install it? Select all Sep 1 The code was running, but it was guc232w slow. Any op amp should get its supply somewhere else. Would it help to buy a powered hub? There are many posts on this topic.

We are making progress. The system is running at MHz.

I tried raspberrypi and raspberrypi-dev yesterday, but are unsure if it are the correct ones to monitor.